Why This Is My Greatest Journey


For more than a decade I have constantly been taking journeys. Journeys near and far, from one continent to another. Journeys by car, train and plane. From home to places far away on the other side of the world. Yet there is one journey which until now I have not taken, yet I know this is my greatest journey.


My greatest journey is a journey I’ve never taken before. I really want to take this journey yet somehow once I’ve begun I hope never to start this journey again. For this is a journey like no other that I’ve taken. I won’t need a plane for this one, nor a car, a boat or even a train. In fact my shoes are effectively optional to take my first step on this trip.


This maybe Flights And Frustration yet I don’t require the first and hope not to have the second when I begin this, my greatest ever trip.

I made a wish

I made a wish

Many people have taken this road before and many people will take it again. Somehow I’m taking the same road yet it is a completely different one to that of anyway else. No one but I can make this journey.


Like the people on this road before I choose to go away, leave my home and venture off somewhere exciting for discovery and adventure. Yet this going away will at first only be for two weeks this time. Somehow though this going away is not my greatest journey, in fact it is peripheral to what I am about to do.


For this is a point of discovery which should, according to my intentions last a lifetime. I don’t need a passport, I won’t be bringing a suitcase. No visas are required although legally I need to be verified as suitable and mature enough to undertake this adventure.


I’ve prepared for a long time to take this journey, in fact I’ve aspired to it for most of my life. For this is not a journey of travel per se, it is a journey of the heart.


For tomorrow is a very special day, one I will always remember. Even as I write this before that day I know how special that day will be, locked for ever as the greatest day of my life.


For on Saturday 4th May 2013 I enter into the journey of marriage. Yes, tomorrow my bride-to-be will be no more. Just after 2pm tomorrow she will become my bride.


Wedding dress cake

Wedding dress cake



Check out this video.



Understandably I shall be taking a short break from this website. I will return very soon though, as a married man :-).


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    Wow! Congratulations! Wishing you and your new bride much happiness! Go and take a break and enjoy that honeymoon!

  2. says

    This is awesome news, I am happy for you brother. Definitely a great step in life. I wish you two the best on your new journey and adventure!

    Love the song.

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    Congratulations! I’m going on the same journey in a few months. You’ll have to let me know how it goes as a newlywed. I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon as I submit this comment.

    • says

      Many thanks Suzy :-) I wish you all the best for your special journey too in a few months :-)

      We’ve just taken a few days away for now, our kind of mini-moon then we take a full honeymoon next month to Sardinia.

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    I absolutely love the way you describe the day of you marriage. Really touching! Wonderful news. I wish you all the best with your journey and keep me posted :). Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.


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