My Saudi Souvenir

Even though it is more a decade since I ended my time in Saudi Arabia, the memories and the souvenirs live on. Yes that is right the souvenirs. Take this one for example, a Saudi Mosque Alarm Clock!

My Mosque Alarm Clock

My Mosque Shaped Alarm Clock

Okay I admit it is not pretty, I mean honestly have you ever seen a light blue coloured plastic mosque?

It was quite a novel item which many of us on the project in Riyadh thought we just had to have. I even brought it as a gift for people. After the initial novelty some were less than impressed. They didn’t quite appreciate the alarm.

Watch my video of the mosque alarm clock in action.

Don’t underestimate it though, just listen to what it can do.


What weird and wonderful souvenirs have you acquired? Be sure to share them with me in the comment box below. Or to see the strange souvenir findings of other travel bloggers have a look at this article.



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    We have more souvenirs than I know what to do with from our years of traveling. Each place has a memento that has some meaning. One are the old classic beer coasters that I acquired when rummaging through an antique store in Texas. Love them.

    • says

      Thanks Agness. It’s good to meet someone else who likes it. My friends were bewildered by it when I presented it to them.


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