My Review Of Hamburg Airport

As part of my Hamburg reviews it is only fair that I provide my review of Hamburg airport.

It is fair to say that the Hamburg airport is not a major hub in Germany, I often connect with Lufthansa via the hub of Frankfurt which serves the UK and the rest of the world well.

My review begins though with arrival at Hamburg airport via car as opposed to a plane. I hired a car at the airport of Hamburg so was able to return it to the rental car car park close by terminal 2. At the end of terminal 1 in Hamburg airport is a train station with trains direct to the city.

Stairs to the train station at Hamburg Airport

Stairs to the train station at Hamburg Airport

Getting between terminal 1 and terminal 2 is very easy. You just walk along the corridor with a shopping plaza.

Walking between terminal 1 and terminal 2 of Hamburg airport

Walking between terminal 1 and terminal 2 of Hamburg airport


It was whilst walking along the shopping precinct at the airport in Hamburg that I noticed something of interest. Signs were indicating that beyond terminal 1, in fact outside of the terminal is a miniature model airport. There is a small entrance fee and it can take around an hour to view. On further inspection I found out that this is presentation, in German only and is held at set times during the day (10am and 3pm). So plan your Hamburg airport arrival times in advance if you want to see the display.

Hamburg miniature airport

Hamburg miniature airport


If like myself, you don’t arrive in time for the display there is free entrance to the Observation Deck. You can watch planes land and take off to the right of the Observation Deck at Hamburg Airport whilst in front of you planes circle whilst heading to the runway or back to a gate.

There is also a cafe by the Observation Deck but I didn’t buy anything from here.


I returned to the main terminals at Flughafen Hamburg (that is German for the airport in Hamburg). You will find the Hamburg airport arrivals area on the ground floor between terminal 1 and terminal 2. I could only see evidence of two terminals at the flughafen.


Hamburg airport departures are based upstairs.

Taking the escalator upstairs I found a very spacious area to check in. Looking around I could see an upper level with various restaurants and bars. It is also only fair that I mention in my review of Hamburg airport is that there was also a casino visible. This brings back memories of my review of Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.


I checked in for my flight with Easyjet fairly quickly in the airport departures area and quickly proceeded through airport security. Maybe I was lucky in my timing of mid-afternoon on a Friday since the queue at security was very small.


Once through airport security I was greeted with a common sight at airports, Duty Free shopping.

Duty Free

Duty Free

There were lots of shops that immediately greeted me. To be honest, after taking so many flights I’m not a big fan of using Duty Free. I don’t find the prices particularly cheap and often don’t need to buy anything anyway. As a traveller flying within the EU to another EU country I’m also not entitled to some tax free benefits I would be if I was flying long haul.


I started exploring terminal 1 at Hamburg Airport and soon saw a leaflet available to tell me where facilities were. There are also various boards with airport maps on.

Guides to the airport in Hamburg

Guides to the airport in Hamburg


At one point I felt as if I was in an American airport as I noticed some electronics vending machines. You can buy all sorts of electronic items from cameras to iPads here without any human interaction. Yet more jobs lost to machines.

Electronics vending machine

Electronics vending machine


I was feeling a bit peckish and knew that there was no complimentary snacks on an Easyjet flight. On the main floor of the terminal were a few sandwich shops and the odd bar. These seemed quite busy and I didn’t really fancy the long queues or menus.


I then noticed that between terminal 1 and terminal 2 are some escalators upstairs which lead to a food court. There was definitely more space up here yet only maybe four or five different eateries to choose from.


I wondered around to look at the selections and was put off enquiring at one or two since all the displayed menus were in German. I accept that I was in Germany, however as an international airport where English is often a second language for many people I think this was a missed sales opportunity for some of the restaurants at Hamburg airport.

Cindy's restaurant in Hamburg airport

Cindy’s restaurant in Hamburg airport


After I finally chose a chicken meal I switched on my net-book to check out the wifi. I was delighted to discover that there is a free Hamburg airport wifi service. It is free to register (you can do this in English) and I believe that you receive one hour’s free use per day. However I was soon very disappointed since the Hamburg airport wifi was incredibly slow. I really struggled to load my internet e-mail and gave up in the end. Come on Hamburg airport, wifi is what we international travellers are looking for so please give us a better service.


I was also disappointed in this eating area since I was unable to find any electrical sockets by tables or seats. Maybe this is in combination with the 1 hour complimentary wifi? Will the web page load before your computer’s battery runs out?


I returned downstairs to head to my gate. I noticed in the shops that there was one by the name of “Witty Knitters”. I did wonder as to how funny they are?

Witty Knitters

Witty Knitters


The main terminals have screens advising you of your gate number, there is also guidance on estimated walking time. This is handy as you can plan your time within the terminal or going for a bite to eat.

Flight information screen with estimated walking time to the gate

Flight information screen with estimated walking time to the gate


I would advise heading to your gate relatively early though. Some of them can become very busy and you’ll end up standing around if all the seats are taken.


So what is the conclusion of my review of Hamburg airport? For a famous city it is not a particularly large airport especially since it is not a hub. The terminals are modern, clean and appealing. The airport in Hamburg does have some attractions with the miniature airport and Observation Deck, however check opening times in advance.

Security during my time of visiting was very quick and typical of German efficiency. The range of refreshments is somewhat limited and would benefit from catering more to an international audience. Overall the Hamburg airport is appealing for its size but a more reliant wifi and accessible plug sockets would be a great improvement.


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  1. Terrific review, as always. Great pictures too. Looks like a very clean airport. Even though not a major hub and on the smaller side it still looks much better than LaGuardia airport here in NYC. Bummer about the wifi, as that is also something I look for.

    (Just wanted to mention that for some reason your CommentLuv has not worked on the last few posts I have commented on. Seems since you added the “current year” box it has not let me leave CommentLuv links)

    • Hi Phil, many thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed the review.

      Also thanks for the update on CommentLuv. In recent weeks theme and plugin updates have caused me a range of problems with the website. I’ve spent the last week or so on maintenance and will continue to do so. I’m also meeting my IT advisors at the weekend so hope to have it resolved soon. BTW I’m not sure what you mean by added a “current year” box? Please e-mail me if you know of any other issues.

      All the best.

  2. Great post! Very detailed! I’ve never been to the Hamburg airport (just the Frankfurt one a few times)….but it looks very clean and modern!

  3. I LOVE an airport with strong & free wifi!

    • Hi Annette, I think it has almost become a given for many of us travellers. We spend that much time sitting around waiting for flights that the wifi can be a real time saver.

  4. Such a detailed review! It’s not the first time that plug sockets aren’t available in airports, in my opinion is something that they should implement everywhere, imagine spending the night at the airport and needing to charge something.
    The free WiFi is a plus, it’s not always available especially for free, shame it was so slow therefore almost useless.

    • Hi Franca, thanks for your comment.

      It is amazing that these things seem so straight forward to us like plug sockets. Yet somehow newly designed airports (like Hamburg) choose not to include them.

  5. Once again, you’ve nailed another airport. I’ve never been to this one, but it looks great. I am so glad I know about your blog because it’s such much more comforting to know what to expect before you get to a knew place. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!
    You are The Guy With All The Info!

    • Many thanks Savannah. I’m always delighted when I hear that you (or other readers) enjoy and get some benefit from my writing. Hopefully there will be some more airport reviews coming soon.

  6. I spent a few hours in Hamburg airport a few months ago and have to say, that it is very clean. I live in Estonia, and our airport here has an awful condition comparing to Hamburg’s airport.

    • Many thanks for reading TR. I’ve yet to visit Estonia, from what you say I’ll try to limit my time in the airports based on what you’ve said.

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