Luxury Essentials For A Trip Part 1

Whenever I know I am travelling away there are a few essentials for a trip I need and a few essentials I’d be lost without.

The ones I need are obvious, such as passport, money, credit cards, visas etc. All the stuff everyone really needs if they are crossing borders.

The essentials I’d be lost without are more of a luxurious category. They maybe luxuries yet without them my time away from home is poorer.

The first on my list is the indispensable…..



For many this is a familiar travel tool but can you imagine being away for a long time without it? No music, no podcasts, no videos, no extra features!

For me the preference is the iPod Touch over the iPod Classic..


It has more versatility than an earlier generation model since the touch has an internet browser and the ability to load apps from the app store. Pretty much like an iPhone only with a larger memory and no roaming charges to worry about.

I utilise mine for so many things, these include:

  • listening to the music to suit my mood
  • listening to entertaining or educational podcasts or watching videos
  • listening to the great TuneIn radio app so I can catch up on so many radio stations no matter where I am in the world
  • playing games such as Bejeweled Blitz

The Applie app store has so many popular apps for the iTouch which include such as Skype and FriendCaller to keep in touch with home. There’s also many games if you so choose. It is effectively a small tablet with great versatility and it fits in your pocket. Be careful though, don’t leave it behind on the plane or train!!!!

There is one nagative though for me. My iPod Touch is 32GB big and is full! Yes I have so much music I love to listen to that I can’t fit it all on. I could opt for the 160GB Classic iPod to fit all my music on. The issue here is that I’ll lose the access to games and applications.


There are of course other great iPod products such as the nano or shuffle. However with limited features and storage they aren’t a patch on the iPod touch for me.


So what is the first of your luxury essentials for a trip? For me, I can’t be without my iPod touch.

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  1. It’s really a luxury travel that can help but I survived without it by gaining more friends on a long trip talking to the then strangers. :)

    • Thanks for visiting Lyndsay. I’m sometimes not in the mood to talk or the other person isn’t. It is also a nice alternative to a very poor selection of films on a long flight.

  2. Everything has become so small and portable these days – it’s wonderful. I wish they could do that with my DSLR, then I would have so much less to lug =)

    • It is true Andrea. Thankfully compacts can be of a high quality now so they are easy to carry but also able to take some great shots.

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