Holiday In Benidorm: Beach Vacation On A Budget

It’s sort of hard to imagine now, but Benidorm was a sleepy village up until the sixties. It is now one of the most loved tourist towns on the planet, and its popularity is showing no signs of slowing down. One of the reasons it continues to attract so many visitors year after year is that it is still possible to enjoy this superb beach holiday destination on a tight budget.

Tiltshift Beach in Benidorm

Tiltshift Beach in Benidorm

Why Benidorm is a Fantastic Choice for a Beach Holiday

Getting away from our normal routine can feel almost essential for our sanity, but most of us only have a limited budget to spend on this getaway. Spending your money on a much-deserved holiday in Benidorm thanks to Thomson is an exceptional move because you’ll get to experience fun-packed parties and sandy beaches: two things that the said town is known for. This town basically revolves around tourism, and this means everything you could need to enjoy yourself is right there.

The nightlife options in Benidorm are superb, and there is something to suit every taste – there are over 800 pubs to choose from along with nightclubs, live entertainment, lounge bars, and every type of restaurants. If you are coming from the UK, you are going to notice that drinks cost significantly less here (some bars only charge 1 Euro for pint of lager). You are probably going to be able to afford to go out every night of your holiday without spending too much money.

Night time in Benidorm

Night time in Benidorm

The other great thing about this part of Spain is that the weather is so dependable. The sun shines for an average of 3,400 hours every year here compared to a measly 1,340 in the UK. It’s relatively warm here all year round, so there is never a bad time to visit, and during the summer months, you are looking at an average temperature of 26 degrees.

The main attraction in Benidorm has to be the beach. Despite its popularity, it still retains its beauty, and there are few better places in the world to go to relax for a few hours while working on your tan. There are actually two main beaches to choose from (Poniente and Levante), and there is miles of sand if you fancy going for a walk by the sea.


You Just Can’t Beat Benidorm as a Beach Holiday Destination

You are likely going to have to work hard to make the money needed to pay for your holiday, so you probably don’t want to gamble on some unknown destination. Benidorm offers the perfect combination of sun, fun, and relaxation, and this holiday can be surprisingly affordable. Some people only ever choose Benidorm as their holiday destination, and if you visit, you’ll understand why.


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    Benidorm indeed is a great beach destination. I’ve been there last year and loved it!
    But there’s also Calp, Alicante and other places worth visiting in the area.
    I was very surprised to find much lower prices in Benidorm than in Barcelona or Madrid.

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