Expert Breakdown of Buying Holiday Site Accommodation

Picking the perfect type of accommodation as your holiday home is tough.

Most holiday parks include a variety of leisure and living facilities for visitors.

Most holiday parks include a variety of leisure and living facilities for visitors.

From charming caravan parks and picturesque private cabins to beautiful rental homes in some of the country’s most enchanting areas, the UK’s top holiday parks offer a plethora of rental accommodation that’s ideal for any type of traveller.


Whether you’re searching for a compact couple’s room or a large family unit, read on to learn more about the best forms of holiday site accommodation for your next family camping or caravan holiday.



·         Caravan Parks:

Caravan parks remain a popular holiday break option amongst young couples, small families, and individuals seeking peace, nature, and rural tranquillity.


Caravan parks are located in many of the country’s most popular tourist areas including the Lake District and Lancashire. Very affordable to visit, the sites are one of the most affordable options for families in need of a place to stay for their vacation.


Our sites at White Cross Bay in Windermere and Ocean Edge in Morecambe are the perfect family-friendly hotspots to hire or buy a caravan, for your holiday home.


How much do they cost? To buy at Ocean Edge, prices start from as little as £8,000 and around £50,000 at White Cross Bay. It really does depend on how many bedrooms the caravan has, where it is located, the size, and what features are included. If you want an en-suite bathroom in addition to a family bathroom, you are going to pay more.


Also take into account what facilities are on offer at the site. Is there an arcade room, entertainment all-year-round and an outdoor play area for kids? Is there a little shop to buy your essentials like milk and bread?


·         Private lodges:

Need a little more space, privacy, and comfort than a caravan offers? You may want choose to stay in a furnished lodge unit with your partner, family members, or children.


Ideal for families and couples in need of some personal space, private lodges are a common sight in many of the country’s top holiday parks.


Private units typically offer visitors several comfortable beds, basic kitchen and living facilities, and a private bathroom. However, the more you spend the more facilities you gain such as a veranda, and a stunning view.


Lodges are a great choice for families and couples seeking a comfortable place to stay on their holiday. They can make excellent holiday homes and the majority come fully furnished, so you don’t need to worry about buying new sofas or chairs.


The price of buying this holiday accommodation really does depend on where the site is based, and the amenities on offer. Prices can start from £84,000 and go up to £370,000.


What do you want from your lodge? A walk-in wardrobe, a surround sound system and a king size bed in a master bedroom? Or do you just prefer a simple picturesque lodge in the middle of nowhere with decking? Fundamentally, you get what you pay for.


Fully furnished with modern amenities, staying in a holiday home is the ideal way to enjoy a great level of luxury during your holiday park getaway. Enjoy all of the great facilities that the park offers, as well as your own private home, and return as soon as the sun goes down.


If you seek a home away from home as the perfect place to visit at weekends and during bank holidays, buying a caravan or a lodge definitely gives you value-for-money.



This article was written by Southlakeland Parks, one of the UK’s top holiday home companies. The experts specialise in developing and operating holiday parks, with caravans and timber lodges for sale or hire. Visit their website today to learn more about how you can own your own holiday home, in some of the country’s most scenic and charming holiday parks.



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      Hey Shane. We’ve owned a static on a holiday park since 2010 and we love it. The key is to choose the right park for you. Location (for day trips) and facilities on site are probably the most important considerations to have.

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    Good advice here if looking for an alternative to hotels. Still, I would rather stay in a modern hotel then a trailer park when on vacation.

    • says

      Hey Phil, it’s all down to preference I suppose. If you’ve not checked them out recently you might be surprised at how luxurious modern static caravans can be, or even a lodge on a park.

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