Christmas Holidays 2013 Where Will You Be Going?

The Christmas holidays 2013 are nearly here so where will you be going this Christmas? Are you a die hard party member who stays at home, do you have to travel to see family or do you long to get away from it all?


Here are just some ideas of where you can go to get away from it all for the Christmas holidays 2013:-

Christmas markets

The Hamburg Rathausmarkt which hosts the Christmas market

The Hamburg Rathausmarkt which hosts the Christmas market

Christmas markets are a great way to experience the festivities of the season away from home and there is no reason why the Christmas holidays 2013 should be any different. Many Christmas markets are popping up close to home but why not try something authentic. A couple of years ago I was in Hamburg and was able to experience their great Christmas market. I loved all the handicrafts and Santa passing by overhead. Meanwhile the locals enjoyed mulled wine and typical German bratwurst. I’d love to be back there for the Christmas holidays 2013.



Ah Paris, the city of love and also the most popular tourist spot in the world. Full of character, flare diversity and that certain je nais sais quoi. Whether it being The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur or just a cruise down the Seine. There is bound to be something about Paris to make your Christmas holidays 2013 ones to remember. In the late 1990s I saw in New Year whilst in Paris; it was certainly a Hogmanay to remember. The weather was cold, very cold. The Seine was frozen over, but who cares? We were in Paris!


New York

Spend Christmas 2013 at Times Square in New York

Spend Christmas 2013 at Times Square in New York

Renowned for great shopping and full of fantastic sights New York should be on every jet setters Christmas shoppers list. With the magic of Times Square, The Empire State Building, Macy’s and Bloomingdales it is bound to make a great experience for shopping during the Christmas holidays 2013.



Christmas holidays 2013 could be spent visiting Buckingham Palace in London

Christmas holidays 2013 could be spent visiting Buckingham Palace in London

New York is too far? Well stay closer to home with a short weekend break in London. You are bound to get all your shopping needs for the Christmas holidays 2013 and more. Visit the Mecca of shopping on Oxford Street, enjoy the fun and entertainment of Covent Garden. See a show on the West End or visit Queen Liz’s residence at Buckingham Palace.


Find a beach

Why not spend the Christmas holidays 2013 on the beach?

Why not spend the Christmas holidays 2013 on the beach?

Are the Christmas holidays 2013 getting you down? You’ve had too much and want to escape? Well why not go somewhere warm and away from the snow. Indulge yourself with time on the beach. You could venture far away to the Caribbean or look on the internet for late holiday deals in places such as Greece or Dubai. Just think how jealous all your friends will be when you come back for the New Year with a fabulous sun tan?


These are just some of the ideas I have for escaping it all. Where will you be going for the Christmas holidays 2013?


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  1. says

    I think Europe definitely has amazing Christmas markets! I was in Europe around Christmastime in 2008 and was able to delight in markets in Denmark and in Scotland. What a treat. People who say you shouldn’t travel somewhere during the winter just doesn’t know what they are talking about!

    • says

      That is a great story Colleen, 2 Christmas markets in one winter. Did you see much difference between the 2 and which one did you prefer?

  2. says

    Winter travel is awesome! I visited around 6 markets when I was in Germany in 2009.
    Currently I haven’t had a Christmas at home since 2010 – this year will be another warm one in NZ I hope! ;)

    • says

      Warm Christmas’, you are making me very jealous Sarah. One day you’ll come back to the UK and see a white Christmas again, don’t forget your winter warmers! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas in NZ and I wish you every success in 2014.

      Thanks for all your support through 2013.

  3. says

    Europe has the most amazing Christmas Markets. I loved the one in Berlin, Oslo, Warsaw and Prague. I could stroll down the streets at night drinking mulled wine all day long, but being on the beach sounds cool as well :)

    • says

      :-) So you are a fan of mulled wine Agness. What a great way to keep warm on those winter nights whilst admiring the handicrafts. Have you come across any mulled wine in China?

  4. says

    Those all look great! I’m currently living in Germany so that’s where I’ll be for Christmas! :) Also excited to go to Vienna for New Years!

    • says

      Hi Michelle, I’m glad you liked my suggestions. Being in Germany must be great for all the Christmas markets, they certainly do them in style over there. Also best wishes for the New Year, Vienna is a great city.

  5. says

    Hi Guy, Happy New Year! A great post as usual. Although I’m British, I live in Berlin so I do prefer a German Christmas. In fact, I wrote about this in my last post!
    When I was a student, we would go “down South” to London for the New Year but when I graduated, I decided to go to Prague. It’s pretty cold there, there’s a strong likelihood for snow, and it’s pretty cheap. Fabulous to bring any New Year in!

    • says

      Hi Victoria, Happy New Year to you too. I hope that you had an enjoyable break. I’m a big fan of Prague too, it is one of my favourite cities. Whilst it is over 12 years since I was last there I’d love to get back soon.

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