Qantas International Business Class Lounge At Tullamarine Airport

The Qantas International Business Class Lounge at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport is a comforting resting spot before a long haul flight out of Australia.

A long lounge for Qantas International Business Class travellers

A long lounge for Qantas International Business Class travellers

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Please Fasten Your Seatbelt

Please fasten your seatbelt is a standard and very appropriate request on every flight you take. I say request but it should really be an order. Or even better there should be a seat belt law.

Fasten your seatbelt

Fasten your seatbelt

The seat belt has developed as a form of safety for both the user and the people around them on every flight. It is basic in concept but fundamental in preventing or restricting harm in unfortunate and unexpected incidents.

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How An Asian Nose Picker Broke My Computer And Helped Me Start This Blog

Nose Picker

When you see a nose picker in public does it annoy you? Does the sight disgust you? Does it get up your nose as much as their finger gets up theirs? Well they disgust me. Yet maybe I should thank one. For it was an Asian nose picker who helped to … [Continue reading]

To Park or Not to Park?

flying plane

A Guide On UK Airport Parking  It’s no surprise that airports are a hassle to leave. Unless you arrange for a friend or some sort of service to pick you up, you’ll be faced with long taxi lines, and the option of taking other public transport to get … [Continue reading]

Ocean Sunset Video Over The Pacific

Anchored boat at the ocean sunset on the Pacific

An ocean sunset is the perfect view to end any day of travel. Capturing it on a sunset video is even more special as you can treasure the moment for ever. … [Continue reading]

Never Get Lost Without An Internet Connection

Avenza Maps on iPad and Android means you'll never get lost again

It would be great if we could never get lost. Whilst we might aimlessly wander off the beaten track we always want to find our way back. Now, I've found a way of doing that. … [Continue reading]

Antofagasta Airport Review (ANF)

Check in gates at Antofagasta Airport

Antofagasta Airport is a small and somewhat dated airport. It feels third world in its design and layout. Facilities are limited and since it is only a domestic airport it may rarely be experienced by an international traveller. … [Continue reading]

“They’re All the Rage Now” —Exploring the Appeal of Cruises for Young People

Cruise Ship in Port

The cruise holiday has come a long way since the 1980's show “The Love Boat.” It might once have been a holiday option reserved mainly for retirees, but these days it has something to offer families and young travellers, too.  A number of cruise … [Continue reading]