Point State Park Pittsburgh PA

Point State Park Pittsburgh PA is a delight of open space, city beauty and historical landmarks all rolled into one. Whether as a family, alone or with friends it is the perfect place to spend some time in down town Pittsburgh.

The water fountain at Point State Park Pittsburgh PA

The water fountain at the heart of Pittsburgh PA

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The Drive In Cinema Experience For A Non-American

As a Brit we don’t really see many outdoor cinemas. In fact if you don’t live in the big cities like London or Nottingham (which I don’t) then you may never find a drive in cinema.

The sun is going down at the outdoor movie theatre

The sun is going down at the outdoor movie theatre

In recent years I’ve spotted more and more of them in the US and was curious to try the experience. Until now outdoor movie theatres were just something I saw on American TV programmes or films. I always saw it as something which was part of American culture.

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Using Travel Insurance in America

On my way to the hospital emergency department after using travel insurance in america

With my many trips to the US over the years it seems almost inevitable that I would be using travel insurance in America at some point. Even still I was quite apprehensive due to numerous tales as to how expensive medical care in the US is. Now I was … [Continue reading]

United Flight 93 Shanksville Memorial PA

September 11 Pennsylvania

  Flight 93 Memorial Remembering The Victims Of A Flight That May Never Have Been The United Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville PA is a fitting and respectful commemoration to the victims of a horrible day in US history. Located at the actual … [Continue reading]

How To Use Annoying Habits Of Travellers To Hack Off Everybody Else

Luggage carousel

When it comes to travel why be polite, courteous and considerate of other travellers? When instead you can use annoying habits and outright rudeness to really hack off everyone else. … [Continue reading]