Look at Online Vacation Deal Sites

Look at Online Vacation Deal Sites

There are several sites that allow you to find hotel rooms that are still available days before your trip and can which be had for a discount. It may also be possible to get discounted airfare by going online and looking for flights that have available seats close to your departure date. For those who want a package deal, there are sites that can find the best deal on a flight, a hotel and even a rental car and provide the lowest price on a package of all three.

Deplane a China Southern airplanes

Planning a trip away? Find the best options for your needs.

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Spring Hill Suites Latrobe Hotel Review

Springhill Suites Latrobe Hotel

The Spring Hill Suites Latrobe is a new hotel close to Latrobe airport. It is in immaculate condition and offers all the high quality you'd expect from a Marriott branded hotel. Now I'll be honest with you, to date I've never done a paid hotel … [Continue reading]

Why Do I Have To Get Off The Plane?

Singapore Airlines plane - why do I have to get off the plane?

I've taken more than a thousand flights and there is always one thing which baffles me. That is why do I have to get off the plane when it is on a stop over? There is a lack of consistency as to how passengers are treated by airlines or locations … [Continue reading]